Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who Needs Regret       Anyway?

Ever felt like you are not able to move on because of a past regret that you have? I can tell you that I have had past regrets even if the event took 10, 20, 60, years ago. Let’s face it. We are only human and it is in our nature that we have regrets in our life. So; does this mean that we have to just sit there and take the fact that we will have to regret something that we are never going to be able to change in our entire lives?  Well; the answer would be no if you ask me.
You probably hear “The past is the past”? I can’t even count my fingers on how many times I have heard that. These are pretty short, sweet, and to the point words. I’d say that the way that the saying in this quote is short, but not sweet, and definitely not to the point. When someone sees short, it will definitely imply to this saying. But let’s try to cheer someone up from a past regret and just state “The past is the past. Let it go!” Okay. How?
I would not use this saying because the only main reason to use a saying like this is to cheer someone up. This saying can just sound very bitter but yet again it is meant to cheer someone up from a type of guilt. Something I would use to say to someone even myself is that Christ has risen from his grave to love me and save me. Christ is not going to judge you. You made a mistake. Okay. We have Jesus Christ to make it up and the rest of our future to make a difference in our lives. My message to the public is that Jesus loves you. He will never let you go.
If you ever feel regret, you are indeed the child of God and you can seriously not think about your regret simply if you tell it to go away. Regret is an enemy against all human beings that slowly eat away from our lives with the hopes that we will separate from God and remember everything we have done. Regret is a very bad enemy. Let me ask you something. If you saw a sign that said “Warning. Very large loose vast amount vicious lions beyond this sign” Would you cross that sign? No. You do not want to become lunch by vast amount big predators that are about 2 to 3 times your size. You have the choice to be safe and just walk away. That is exactly how it is with the enemy. The enemy wants to eat your life away and by you passing that sign, you will now belong lunch for the lions (in this case, the ENEMY!).
            You are a whole lot better than that. You don’t have to cross that sing. God is putting Jesus Christ as your sign so that you will never have to go beyond it. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness from Jesus and just walk past the sign. YOU ARE GOD’S CHURCH. What makes you think that God will never forgive you? HE GAVE YOU HIS ONLY SON TO GET KILLED BY OUR SIN TO SAVE US FROM SIN!

Next time that you or anyone that you know, come across sin, remember that you are the child of God in Jesus name and you have been saved from regret and regret has nothing against you because of our savior Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus, you have the right to tell the enemy to walk away and the enemy will walk away. The enemy has to listen to you with every word that you say. Just try it and you will instantly feel the Holy Spirit surrounding you and I guarantee that you will feel this amazing love that you will never feel by another flesh. God loves you and he wants you to make it to Heaven no matter what it is that you will do, or have done or thought or said. Just love him. That is all he wants. Love your creator and God will take care of you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

                  Respect your employer

            Many of us feel like we are just being treated like garbage from our employers. Sometimes we just want to tell our bosses how we really feel about them or their act of work and maybe call them names or wish to quit and not need the job. What if I told you that acting with your Manager the same way that he acts with you is actually a way of you downgrading yourself in the eyes of our Heavenly Father? In this blog, you will know why you shouldn't act the way that your employer acts with you.
            In the flesh we just want to rip our employers apart. Okay. But how would you actually feel if you actually get to treat your manager like that? You will think about the situation all day and maybe even way longer than that by itself. Some people will never forget about that day and even worse, they will never forgive. Talking back to your employer is actually a sign of pride and pride is always a bad thing. Pride is just an open door for the enemy to come inside and do all kinds of things to make you believe something.
            What God wants us to do if we ever get into a situation when you get into an argument with your employer, He wants you to be the bigger man and humble yourself not for god but for yourself and for your well being. If you accept your employer to say whatever they have to say to you, you are guaranteed that the subject will not be serious by tomorrow and you will still have a job and it will actually show that you are more faithful of an employee than the rest of the other employees that work with you.
            For being humble and wiser, God will reward you and God always keeps his promises. An employer gets you upset? That is perfectly fine. Let the employer get upset at you or maybe not even at you. You will know that the next day you will be thinking about something else other than your job. Promotions are also a lot more likely to the employee who is actually the most humble. Suggestions from me is that you show up to work with an honest positive attitude and have a really good relationship with your employer because lets face it; you work for them so if you ever get into the position of bumping heads with your employer, who do you think is actually going to win the argument? I can give you a hint. I know it will not be you.

            So why don’t you try this advice the next time that you go to work and test it to see for yourself? I will guarantee that you will be much happier when you get to make it back home because the promise of God is the best decision that any human can ever make. Just go to work. Do your job, Be happy, remember the word of God, Do some prayer at work and go home and spend time with friends and/or family. You won’t regret it.
       How to Pray To God!

            Many people say that they do not know how to pray to our merciful Lord. How do you pray to our God? How Does God want to be spoken to when you pray to him? Is there a type of class that God requires you to take so that you can feel closer into speaking with him? Well reading this blog, you will surely find the answer on how our Lord and savior would like to be spoken to.
            The way that God wants you to pray is if like if you are having a real conversation with someone else. The way you talk to your friends and family is exactly the same way that God wants you to talk to him. That is right folks. There is no money involved, and no classes involved speaking to our creator. God is our friend and God created us. God knows all of us more than we actually know each other. The nest time you are in a prayer, get involved and pray to God like as if he was flesh that was standing right beside you. God wants you to talk(pray) to him every day. God wants to make sure that you are not forgetting about him and that you are putting him first before anything.
            God will listen to you even if you speak to him. If you think about it, you have seen people speak like as if they were speaking to God. It doesn't have to be a long conversation. It can actually be very brief. For example; I pray to god every morning before I make it to my job. I will walk around and even talk to God in my mind and thank him for giving me this day or even just mention a random thing that I see. You can actually influence many people through the Holy Spirit. If you just pray, God will listen to you but you would have to follow God and trust in God because God wants our trust and love in return. God is the best friend that you can actually have.
            So the next time that you want to be a part in a prayer, Don’t fear because God is with you and you will pray to him and not mattering on what anybody says, God will listen to your prayer and not only listen to it, He will respond to it if it is in his will. Anything that your heart desires, you have to pray to God first and ask him if this is really what you should want or have, or know. I will guarantee you that “IF” you believe in God, He will guide you down the right path and you will be very happy. All you have to do is accept God as a friend and he will be the best friend that you will ever have for all eternity.
 Humans are flesh which basically means that we Are filled with sin. If you are able to accept flesh as a friend, wouldn't you believe that God deserves a chance to be your friend? Think about it, this is out of the subject but it helps my case. If you walk alone in the dark, you get chills like there is someone dark watching you. If you are willing to trust a lie like that in which the enemy has given you, then you can give trust to God for he only deserves it because he gave us life. Not the boogieman who likes to pick on you in the dark or in a lonely place.


Monday, January 20, 2014



            Ever heard of the term Forgive and Forget? Now as you think about this term; why don’t you stop for a second and think what it means, and what it’s trying to tell you, and how good have you accomplished the meaning of this term. Now you are probably thinking that this term means that all you would have to do is to forgive the person that did something wrong and forget about it. Can you actually tell your Lord that you have forgiven people and forgotten what they have done?
            Forgiveness is very important because it is the key that frees you from your judgment against the other person. If you don’t forgive, there will always be a conflict between you and the person you blame for their guilt. People seem to think that there is nothing wrong to judge someone BUT!!! We have forgotten to whom the judgment belongs to. On Matthew 7:1-5 explains how you judge others will be used to determine on how you will be judged.
So not only the ability to not being able to forgive is wrong, you will be judged the same through our Lord. Why don’t we take a Month? All that I ask is ONE MONTH for you to practice the holy ability to be able to forgive someone for what they have done. You can maybe even write a comment on my comment box and tell me how that actually went along for you. I can guarantee you that if you can forgive someone through Jesus name, you will feel a lot better about yourself and you will also feel accomplished. Remember, we are only in this Earth so that we can make our way into Heaven so why not start today? If you did not know, it takes one month to start a new habit. I truly recommend that you start forgiving someone. If that person does not accept your apology to that person, ALWAYS remember that our ALMIGHTY LORD will and that is all you really need.

God will always accept your apologies in Jesus name. You will feel a lot more humble and a lot closer to God’s grace. God will never let you down. He loves us in a form that no human flesh can love another. It doesn't matter what the person has done, just go and apologize to the person for your judgment and you will instantly feel the Holy Spirit surrounding you and you will feel refreshed and who knows, maybe you and the person you judged can wind up being very close. Trust me I know it’s happened because I did it. You are God’s child and never forget it. You are in perfect hands in Jesus name Amen Hallelujah. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fear is such an unknown word

Everyone has had this feeling before. Fear is a word known by everyone in this world. Fear can cause depression, anger, make someone insecure, and even death. But What if the meaning of Fear would have lies in it? What if Fear is just a four letter word that people can’t just understand? What if Fear is really scared of you? This is a blog that I dedicate to everyone who is highly impacted by the word Fear.
I have a son who is 4 years old at this time that is scared of the dark and walking alone to the bathroom. I mean this boy is “scared”. He even cries to me that he does not want to sleep alone in his room. Even if I were in the room, I usually let him go to sleep and then I leave the room quietly. He tells me not to leave the room when he falls asleep.  I mean as a child I understand but his fear really gets to him and I am about to tell you something unbelievable that I say to him that at the instant stops him from getting scared. I first tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just the dark. I then remind him that song that he hears in Veggie tales “God is bigger than the-boogie man; he’s bigger than Godzilla and the monsters on TV”. He sings along and he realized that God is protecting him. Now that is pretty amazing in which a single word can change your emotions and even can change your life.
I myself will confess to the readers that I too am a person who used to be afraid of the dark. Now I was terrified of the dark when I didn't seek God and now that I am following God, I can be able to walk a dark path knowing that I am protected by God and that no Demons or intruders are going to actually come in and try to attack me. If I believe in God, Fear can’t stand in my way.
Psalm 23:4 states: Even though I walk through the valley ofthe shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod andyour staff, they comfort me. Fear is driven by the enemy himself. We must remember that we are children of God and we will not be harmed by the dark or anything that the enemy tries to throw at us for this is a life that is nothing but how your faith to the Lord was when you lived in the flesh back in this planet that God has made for us.
Now the dark isn't the only thing that people are scared of but there are numerous things. Maybe you are scared of driving or scared of investing money into a business etc. Fear not. For you have your Lord that is right beside you and is NOT thinking in any way to let you leave him. Our God is the best ruler who is capable of doing anything and everything and he had proved it by creating this Universe so that he can have us live here until we will see him again.
Next time that you are scared of anything at all, just remember that God is beside you and he is always there for you no matter what I is that you do. Our God will never give you anything that you cannot hold. God is here and he is watching over you and he has absolutely no plans to go anywhere. And he has promised us this and has held our promise for about 6,600 years ago when life started in the very beginning when Adam and Eve were born.

Just remember that you are the child of the Lord and remember that Fear can lie to you. Remember that Fear has been overthrown when Jesus died in the cross so remember that you are bigger than Fear itself. You can even tell fear to go away and fear would have to listen to you because you are God’s child and the one Who Jesus Christ has saved. Fear can tell you that you no longer have hope but you can just keep moving forward. Do not put anything in front of you besides God.
Ever Felt Guilty About Something?
      Have you ever felt that you have done something so wrong that you feel guilty and feel that EVERYONE will not only judge you, but not even would want anything to do with you? I have. I can tell you stories about things that I have done and how they can feel when you let these worries get to you. I know many people that are currently facing this. I will tell you the remedy on how to end this horrid feeling a guilt that we can throw out by the name of Jesus Christ.
            Remember that Jesus died for our sins and NO MATTER what you have done or said or felt, Jesus will forgive you if you ask him for forgiveness and love him. You can throw anything you possibly can to Jesus Christ and he will forgive you for whatever you have done. Besides, wasn't Jesus Christ sent to die in this Earth for us in the first place? Guilt, Embarrassment, Pride, Anger, Sadness is all the enemy trying to attack our emotions and plan to ruin our day for giving us all these things. But what if I told you that you can overcome all that because the Devil already lost the battle against God?
            About 2,000 years ago God sent Jesus to Earth to Save us from all the sin that we have and will continue to commit so that we can still make our way to Heaven? The Devil is defeated and will no longer have any ability or right to hurt us.The Devil is this BIG HORRENDOUS ROARING LION that we are suppose to fear. But What is God? Ill tell you who god is:

            So….. Where is this BIG HORRENDOUS LION??? I don't see it. Can you? Doesn't that Galaxy look Quite Familiar? I believe that is just God’s eye looking down at EVERY ONE OF US not letting us go for not even one second. Boy I would sure hate to be that lion right about now. That Lion doesn't even have teeth. They were taken away from him when JESUS CHRIST DIED ON THAT CROSS FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!!
            So If you are reading this and Murdered somebody, God will forgive you in Jesus name, If you Ever stole in you life, God will forgive you in Jesus name. If you ever committed Adultery, God will forgive you in Jesus name. If you never follow god but the last day in your life, you ask God for forgiveness, He will forgive you in Jesus name and take you to Heaven with him.
            God loves us more than we can even imagine.You are a child of God who has won the fight the fight against the Devil himself. Now its time to fight the Good fight of Faith and follow Jesus Christ. We won the battle against Guilt, Regret, Anger. Now all you would have to do is turn the other Cheek. You Had an intimate relationship before marriage? That’s fine. Ask for forgiveness and truly mean it and live the rest of your life and you will feel the Holy Spirit within you so tat you can smile and feel great about yourself in Jesus name. God bless you. I pray for everyone. See you in Heaven.   

Saturday, January 18, 2014

                                     My Life Has Changed

      In this blog, you will find out how the Earth and every human and animal was created and how your whole life can even change in a positive and encouraging way. when you read this blog. A brief story about myself. I am a very happy reborn Christian. I was indeed an Evolutionist. I didn't believe in God and I didn't want anything to do with God, or Jesus, or anything that is religious and mentions God. I was just a regular boy that believed that everyone just showed up in this Earth by some scientific way that abnormally formed and all of a sudden out of nowhere created humans and animals etc and I would just move on with my life.
      I am very happy to say that I have found God and I will not stop reading the Bible and I am aware of everything that God has given me and how I couldnt of asked for a better life than to not be with him. I was always looking Through Google and Yahoo, and Bing for a brief information that can be understanding to me to believe that God exists but appearantly their was nothing online and I just kept getting more and more confused because my mom and my dad are a totally different religion and I was in the middle who finally decided to not follow god.
       One day I was given a bible through my father in law and he had told me to read the bible and all of my questions will be answered. I opened the bible and I am very glad to say that my questions were answered and my eyes were opened and I even found my Church so that I can get to know my Lord more and more.
       Everybody has there own theory of believing when the earth was made and how. It is said that the earth was created 15 billion years ago out of dust in space and during time, the dust created more and more mass and eventually had its own gravitational pull, and eventually due to the distance that the earth is from the sun, it had just the right temperature for the Earth to have life. Te earth also had microscopic algae that used photo synthases to make oxygen and after 1 billion years after, the Earth was covered with water and oxygen.
     But the real question is the following... What made the earth have such a gravitational pull wit using only dust from the beginning? how were humans in this world when it had to scientifically take reproduction to make a mammal? What came first? the Chicken? or the egg? How can Science explain that every living organism that lives in this planet be made out of dirt? Why haven't we seen a human or an animal get made from the dirt that theoretically humans and animals came from? The answer is God. God made the heavens and the Earth and everyone who lives in this planet, and the rest of the entire universe. God made it all. God is eternal and has lived since forever. You might ask how is that possible? Everyone has to be born on some day...
       You just cant be living since forever. Well...  Explain Outer space
. Where is the wall that divides space to another Universe? I have the answer for you. There isn't a wall. Space will go on and on and on forever because the Universe is so big, humans are not even a quarter of the way to the end of the Universe. And we have seen many galaxies.  In the beginning  When God said "Let there be light",There was light traveling all around the universe. all the stars were made, all the planets were made, all the galaxies were made and continue to make today. Earth was made. God made the first human in a special garden where only sinless people can live in and te garden was named Eden. God made all the animals that ever lived in earth in pairs. Which meant as male and female. There was only 2 humans in the beginning. Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden alongside with every other animal. It sounds ridiculous because humans would of never survived with loose Lions, tigers,etc. But in the Garden of Eden, Death did not exist and neither did cannibalism. Every living species resided in the sinless garden of Eden up until Adam rebelled against his ruler and ate the forbidden apple of sin. When Adam ate the forbidden apple of sin, Adam allowed to let all sin enter the entire world and unfortunately the ultimate punishment for sin is death.
         God promised the human race that after death, we will have another chance to spend eternal life with God. God gave us the 10 commandments that we all had to follow before Jesus was born. As long as people followed the 10 commandments, people would have another chance to make it into Heaven with God. The 10 Commandments are the following:
1.     Thou shall have no other Gods before me
2.     Thou shall not make make images to represent thee
3.     Thou shall not take the name of the LORD your god in vain
4.     Thou shall rest on the seventh day of every week
5.     Thou shall honor your Mother and Father that thee days may be long in which the lord is giving thee
6.     Though shall not murder
7.     Thou shall not commit adultery
8.     Thou shall not steal
9.     Thou shall not lie
10.   Thou shall not covet
       These 10 commandments have to be followed every day until your death so that you can make your way into Heaven. the word Ten Commandments seem pretty easy to follow but they are definitely impossible for the human flesh to follow for we are surrounded by sin. It only took one sin to spend the rest of your days in hell with the Devil. Yes. Every living benign is going to spend the rest of their days in hell because of only ONE sin that they committed and we shall not forget that the price of one sin is death.
       Since the beginning, years have passed by and people were either not following their God or they were just following another God and religion was really big about 2,500 to 3,500 years ago. Wars were mainly started because of religion and fighting for their ruler.
       Around 2,000 years ago there was a virgin woman named Mary who seeks and serves the Lord and is engaged with a man named Joseph and was one day just relaxing maybe cleaning her home some day and an Angel approaches to her and tells her not to worry but The Lord has chosen her to become the mother of the Lord's ONLY child and the child ill be named Jesus. in the Angel's words "Jesus will have a very important purpose in this life and he will be known for the rest of the years that pass by and Jesus will Ultimately become EVERYONE'S savior. No matter who it is. As long as they love Jesus, they will find their way to heaven." Now Mary was responded to the Angel in a scared manner and said okay. Now the scared emotion gets a little tricky. Anyone who is to see an angel will get at least a little frightened. The Angel then Went to Mary's fiance Joseph and addressed the very good news to Joseph so that Joseph will not wonder why this child is in a Virgin's body.
   It is just amazing how God made this Universe, made all living things INCLUDING PEOPLE!!!! and Even allowed his only son to be MURDERED by OUR FLESH Just so that you and I and EVERYONE else you know can make their way to heaven regardless who they are or what they have done. All you would have to do is accept Jesus and love Jesus. God says that When you close a door, he will open a new one. I hope that this information can help you in at least finding the first door that God gave you to open. Don't go away from the door. Open it and close the one you are in right now. Your whole live can change by just reading this one blog that God inspired me to type.