Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ever Felt Guilty About Something?
      Have you ever felt that you have done something so wrong that you feel guilty and feel that EVERYONE will not only judge you, but not even would want anything to do with you? I have. I can tell you stories about things that I have done and how they can feel when you let these worries get to you. I know many people that are currently facing this. I will tell you the remedy on how to end this horrid feeling a guilt that we can throw out by the name of Jesus Christ.
            Remember that Jesus died for our sins and NO MATTER what you have done or said or felt, Jesus will forgive you if you ask him for forgiveness and love him. You can throw anything you possibly can to Jesus Christ and he will forgive you for whatever you have done. Besides, wasn't Jesus Christ sent to die in this Earth for us in the first place? Guilt, Embarrassment, Pride, Anger, Sadness is all the enemy trying to attack our emotions and plan to ruin our day for giving us all these things. But what if I told you that you can overcome all that because the Devil already lost the battle against God?
            About 2,000 years ago God sent Jesus to Earth to Save us from all the sin that we have and will continue to commit so that we can still make our way to Heaven? The Devil is defeated and will no longer have any ability or right to hurt us.The Devil is this BIG HORRENDOUS ROARING LION that we are suppose to fear. But What is God? Ill tell you who god is:

            So….. Where is this BIG HORRENDOUS LION??? I don't see it. Can you? Doesn't that Galaxy look Quite Familiar? I believe that is just God’s eye looking down at EVERY ONE OF US not letting us go for not even one second. Boy I would sure hate to be that lion right about now. That Lion doesn't even have teeth. They were taken away from him when JESUS CHRIST DIED ON THAT CROSS FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!!
            So If you are reading this and Murdered somebody, God will forgive you in Jesus name, If you Ever stole in you life, God will forgive you in Jesus name. If you ever committed Adultery, God will forgive you in Jesus name. If you never follow god but the last day in your life, you ask God for forgiveness, He will forgive you in Jesus name and take you to Heaven with him.
            God loves us more than we can even imagine.You are a child of God who has won the fight the fight against the Devil himself. Now its time to fight the Good fight of Faith and follow Jesus Christ. We won the battle against Guilt, Regret, Anger. Now all you would have to do is turn the other Cheek. You Had an intimate relationship before marriage? That’s fine. Ask for forgiveness and truly mean it and live the rest of your life and you will feel the Holy Spirit within you so tat you can smile and feel great about yourself in Jesus name. God bless you. I pray for everyone. See you in Heaven.   

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