Monday, January 20, 2014



            Ever heard of the term Forgive and Forget? Now as you think about this term; why don’t you stop for a second and think what it means, and what it’s trying to tell you, and how good have you accomplished the meaning of this term. Now you are probably thinking that this term means that all you would have to do is to forgive the person that did something wrong and forget about it. Can you actually tell your Lord that you have forgiven people and forgotten what they have done?
            Forgiveness is very important because it is the key that frees you from your judgment against the other person. If you don’t forgive, there will always be a conflict between you and the person you blame for their guilt. People seem to think that there is nothing wrong to judge someone BUT!!! We have forgotten to whom the judgment belongs to. On Matthew 7:1-5 explains how you judge others will be used to determine on how you will be judged.
So not only the ability to not being able to forgive is wrong, you will be judged the same through our Lord. Why don’t we take a Month? All that I ask is ONE MONTH for you to practice the holy ability to be able to forgive someone for what they have done. You can maybe even write a comment on my comment box and tell me how that actually went along for you. I can guarantee you that if you can forgive someone through Jesus name, you will feel a lot better about yourself and you will also feel accomplished. Remember, we are only in this Earth so that we can make our way into Heaven so why not start today? If you did not know, it takes one month to start a new habit. I truly recommend that you start forgiving someone. If that person does not accept your apology to that person, ALWAYS remember that our ALMIGHTY LORD will and that is all you really need.

God will always accept your apologies in Jesus name. You will feel a lot more humble and a lot closer to God’s grace. God will never let you down. He loves us in a form that no human flesh can love another. It doesn't matter what the person has done, just go and apologize to the person for your judgment and you will instantly feel the Holy Spirit surrounding you and you will feel refreshed and who knows, maybe you and the person you judged can wind up being very close. Trust me I know it’s happened because I did it. You are God’s child and never forget it. You are in perfect hands in Jesus name Amen Hallelujah. 

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