Tuesday, January 21, 2014

                  Respect your employer

            Many of us feel like we are just being treated like garbage from our employers. Sometimes we just want to tell our bosses how we really feel about them or their act of work and maybe call them names or wish to quit and not need the job. What if I told you that acting with your Manager the same way that he acts with you is actually a way of you downgrading yourself in the eyes of our Heavenly Father? In this blog, you will know why you shouldn't act the way that your employer acts with you.
            In the flesh we just want to rip our employers apart. Okay. But how would you actually feel if you actually get to treat your manager like that? You will think about the situation all day and maybe even way longer than that by itself. Some people will never forget about that day and even worse, they will never forgive. Talking back to your employer is actually a sign of pride and pride is always a bad thing. Pride is just an open door for the enemy to come inside and do all kinds of things to make you believe something.
            What God wants us to do if we ever get into a situation when you get into an argument with your employer, He wants you to be the bigger man and humble yourself not for god but for yourself and for your well being. If you accept your employer to say whatever they have to say to you, you are guaranteed that the subject will not be serious by tomorrow and you will still have a job and it will actually show that you are more faithful of an employee than the rest of the other employees that work with you.
            For being humble and wiser, God will reward you and God always keeps his promises. An employer gets you upset? That is perfectly fine. Let the employer get upset at you or maybe not even at you. You will know that the next day you will be thinking about something else other than your job. Promotions are also a lot more likely to the employee who is actually the most humble. Suggestions from me is that you show up to work with an honest positive attitude and have a really good relationship with your employer because lets face it; you work for them so if you ever get into the position of bumping heads with your employer, who do you think is actually going to win the argument? I can give you a hint. I know it will not be you.

            So why don’t you try this advice the next time that you go to work and test it to see for yourself? I will guarantee that you will be much happier when you get to make it back home because the promise of God is the best decision that any human can ever make. Just go to work. Do your job, Be happy, remember the word of God, Do some prayer at work and go home and spend time with friends and/or family. You won’t regret it.

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