Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who Needs Regret       Anyway?

Ever felt like you are not able to move on because of a past regret that you have? I can tell you that I have had past regrets even if the event took 10, 20, 60, years ago. Let’s face it. We are only human and it is in our nature that we have regrets in our life. So; does this mean that we have to just sit there and take the fact that we will have to regret something that we are never going to be able to change in our entire lives?  Well; the answer would be no if you ask me.
You probably hear “The past is the past”? I can’t even count my fingers on how many times I have heard that. These are pretty short, sweet, and to the point words. I’d say that the way that the saying in this quote is short, but not sweet, and definitely not to the point. When someone sees short, it will definitely imply to this saying. But let’s try to cheer someone up from a past regret and just state “The past is the past. Let it go!” Okay. How?
I would not use this saying because the only main reason to use a saying like this is to cheer someone up. This saying can just sound very bitter but yet again it is meant to cheer someone up from a type of guilt. Something I would use to say to someone even myself is that Christ has risen from his grave to love me and save me. Christ is not going to judge you. You made a mistake. Okay. We have Jesus Christ to make it up and the rest of our future to make a difference in our lives. My message to the public is that Jesus loves you. He will never let you go.
If you ever feel regret, you are indeed the child of God and you can seriously not think about your regret simply if you tell it to go away. Regret is an enemy against all human beings that slowly eat away from our lives with the hopes that we will separate from God and remember everything we have done. Regret is a very bad enemy. Let me ask you something. If you saw a sign that said “Warning. Very large loose vast amount vicious lions beyond this sign” Would you cross that sign? No. You do not want to become lunch by vast amount big predators that are about 2 to 3 times your size. You have the choice to be safe and just walk away. That is exactly how it is with the enemy. The enemy wants to eat your life away and by you passing that sign, you will now belong lunch for the lions (in this case, the ENEMY!).
            You are a whole lot better than that. You don’t have to cross that sing. God is putting Jesus Christ as your sign so that you will never have to go beyond it. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness from Jesus and just walk past the sign. YOU ARE GOD’S CHURCH. What makes you think that God will never forgive you? HE GAVE YOU HIS ONLY SON TO GET KILLED BY OUR SIN TO SAVE US FROM SIN!

Next time that you or anyone that you know, come across sin, remember that you are the child of God in Jesus name and you have been saved from regret and regret has nothing against you because of our savior Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus, you have the right to tell the enemy to walk away and the enemy will walk away. The enemy has to listen to you with every word that you say. Just try it and you will instantly feel the Holy Spirit surrounding you and I guarantee that you will feel this amazing love that you will never feel by another flesh. God loves you and he wants you to make it to Heaven no matter what it is that you will do, or have done or thought or said. Just love him. That is all he wants. Love your creator and God will take care of you.

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