Tuesday, January 21, 2014

       How to Pray To God!

            Many people say that they do not know how to pray to our merciful Lord. How do you pray to our God? How Does God want to be spoken to when you pray to him? Is there a type of class that God requires you to take so that you can feel closer into speaking with him? Well reading this blog, you will surely find the answer on how our Lord and savior would like to be spoken to.
            The way that God wants you to pray is if like if you are having a real conversation with someone else. The way you talk to your friends and family is exactly the same way that God wants you to talk to him. That is right folks. There is no money involved, and no classes involved speaking to our creator. God is our friend and God created us. God knows all of us more than we actually know each other. The nest time you are in a prayer, get involved and pray to God like as if he was flesh that was standing right beside you. God wants you to talk(pray) to him every day. God wants to make sure that you are not forgetting about him and that you are putting him first before anything.
            God will listen to you even if you speak to him. If you think about it, you have seen people speak like as if they were speaking to God. It doesn't have to be a long conversation. It can actually be very brief. For example; I pray to god every morning before I make it to my job. I will walk around and even talk to God in my mind and thank him for giving me this day or even just mention a random thing that I see. You can actually influence many people through the Holy Spirit. If you just pray, God will listen to you but you would have to follow God and trust in God because God wants our trust and love in return. God is the best friend that you can actually have.
            So the next time that you want to be a part in a prayer, Don’t fear because God is with you and you will pray to him and not mattering on what anybody says, God will listen to your prayer and not only listen to it, He will respond to it if it is in his will. Anything that your heart desires, you have to pray to God first and ask him if this is really what you should want or have, or know. I will guarantee you that “IF” you believe in God, He will guide you down the right path and you will be very happy. All you have to do is accept God as a friend and he will be the best friend that you will ever have for all eternity.
 Humans are flesh which basically means that we Are filled with sin. If you are able to accept flesh as a friend, wouldn't you believe that God deserves a chance to be your friend? Think about it, this is out of the subject but it helps my case. If you walk alone in the dark, you get chills like there is someone dark watching you. If you are willing to trust a lie like that in which the enemy has given you, then you can give trust to God for he only deserves it because he gave us life. Not the boogieman who likes to pick on you in the dark or in a lonely place.


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