Saturday, January 18, 2014

                                     My Life Has Changed

      In this blog, you will find out how the Earth and every human and animal was created and how your whole life can even change in a positive and encouraging way. when you read this blog. A brief story about myself. I am a very happy reborn Christian. I was indeed an Evolutionist. I didn't believe in God and I didn't want anything to do with God, or Jesus, or anything that is religious and mentions God. I was just a regular boy that believed that everyone just showed up in this Earth by some scientific way that abnormally formed and all of a sudden out of nowhere created humans and animals etc and I would just move on with my life.
      I am very happy to say that I have found God and I will not stop reading the Bible and I am aware of everything that God has given me and how I couldnt of asked for a better life than to not be with him. I was always looking Through Google and Yahoo, and Bing for a brief information that can be understanding to me to believe that God exists but appearantly their was nothing online and I just kept getting more and more confused because my mom and my dad are a totally different religion and I was in the middle who finally decided to not follow god.
       One day I was given a bible through my father in law and he had told me to read the bible and all of my questions will be answered. I opened the bible and I am very glad to say that my questions were answered and my eyes were opened and I even found my Church so that I can get to know my Lord more and more.
       Everybody has there own theory of believing when the earth was made and how. It is said that the earth was created 15 billion years ago out of dust in space and during time, the dust created more and more mass and eventually had its own gravitational pull, and eventually due to the distance that the earth is from the sun, it had just the right temperature for the Earth to have life. Te earth also had microscopic algae that used photo synthases to make oxygen and after 1 billion years after, the Earth was covered with water and oxygen.
     But the real question is the following... What made the earth have such a gravitational pull wit using only dust from the beginning? how were humans in this world when it had to scientifically take reproduction to make a mammal? What came first? the Chicken? or the egg? How can Science explain that every living organism that lives in this planet be made out of dirt? Why haven't we seen a human or an animal get made from the dirt that theoretically humans and animals came from? The answer is God. God made the heavens and the Earth and everyone who lives in this planet, and the rest of the entire universe. God made it all. God is eternal and has lived since forever. You might ask how is that possible? Everyone has to be born on some day...
       You just cant be living since forever. Well...  Explain Outer space
. Where is the wall that divides space to another Universe? I have the answer for you. There isn't a wall. Space will go on and on and on forever because the Universe is so big, humans are not even a quarter of the way to the end of the Universe. And we have seen many galaxies.  In the beginning  When God said "Let there be light",There was light traveling all around the universe. all the stars were made, all the planets were made, all the galaxies were made and continue to make today. Earth was made. God made the first human in a special garden where only sinless people can live in and te garden was named Eden. God made all the animals that ever lived in earth in pairs. Which meant as male and female. There was only 2 humans in the beginning. Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden alongside with every other animal. It sounds ridiculous because humans would of never survived with loose Lions, tigers,etc. But in the Garden of Eden, Death did not exist and neither did cannibalism. Every living species resided in the sinless garden of Eden up until Adam rebelled against his ruler and ate the forbidden apple of sin. When Adam ate the forbidden apple of sin, Adam allowed to let all sin enter the entire world and unfortunately the ultimate punishment for sin is death.
         God promised the human race that after death, we will have another chance to spend eternal life with God. God gave us the 10 commandments that we all had to follow before Jesus was born. As long as people followed the 10 commandments, people would have another chance to make it into Heaven with God. The 10 Commandments are the following:
1.     Thou shall have no other Gods before me
2.     Thou shall not make make images to represent thee
3.     Thou shall not take the name of the LORD your god in vain
4.     Thou shall rest on the seventh day of every week
5.     Thou shall honor your Mother and Father that thee days may be long in which the lord is giving thee
6.     Though shall not murder
7.     Thou shall not commit adultery
8.     Thou shall not steal
9.     Thou shall not lie
10.   Thou shall not covet
       These 10 commandments have to be followed every day until your death so that you can make your way into Heaven. the word Ten Commandments seem pretty easy to follow but they are definitely impossible for the human flesh to follow for we are surrounded by sin. It only took one sin to spend the rest of your days in hell with the Devil. Yes. Every living benign is going to spend the rest of their days in hell because of only ONE sin that they committed and we shall not forget that the price of one sin is death.
       Since the beginning, years have passed by and people were either not following their God or they were just following another God and religion was really big about 2,500 to 3,500 years ago. Wars were mainly started because of religion and fighting for their ruler.
       Around 2,000 years ago there was a virgin woman named Mary who seeks and serves the Lord and is engaged with a man named Joseph and was one day just relaxing maybe cleaning her home some day and an Angel approaches to her and tells her not to worry but The Lord has chosen her to become the mother of the Lord's ONLY child and the child ill be named Jesus. in the Angel's words "Jesus will have a very important purpose in this life and he will be known for the rest of the years that pass by and Jesus will Ultimately become EVERYONE'S savior. No matter who it is. As long as they love Jesus, they will find their way to heaven." Now Mary was responded to the Angel in a scared manner and said okay. Now the scared emotion gets a little tricky. Anyone who is to see an angel will get at least a little frightened. The Angel then Went to Mary's fiance Joseph and addressed the very good news to Joseph so that Joseph will not wonder why this child is in a Virgin's body.
   It is just amazing how God made this Universe, made all living things INCLUDING PEOPLE!!!! and Even allowed his only son to be MURDERED by OUR FLESH Just so that you and I and EVERYONE else you know can make their way to heaven regardless who they are or what they have done. All you would have to do is accept Jesus and love Jesus. God says that When you close a door, he will open a new one. I hope that this information can help you in at least finding the first door that God gave you to open. Don't go away from the door. Open it and close the one you are in right now. Your whole live can change by just reading this one blog that God inspired me to type.

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